Started: Year 1751.
Location: Takashima City of Shiga prefecture.
Takashima city is located between the Hira Mountain range and Lake Biwa which is the largest lake in Japan. The area is famous for its high quality soft underground stream water. This blessed water is the base of all sake made by Fukui Yahei Shouten, brewery owned by the Fukui family. Together with the high level and creative brewing technique of the brewery, multiple types of tasty sake is created under the brand name of Haginotsuyu.

Started: Year 1805.
Location: Otsu City of Shiga prefecture.
Namino Oto Shuzo is a brewery located on the banks of beautiful Lake Biwa with a surrounding nature. It is a small brewery focusing on continuous detailed work during the whole brewing process wishing each bottle to be the best. Philosophy of the brewery is to challenge to new things by keeping the tradition.

Started: Year 1820.
Location: Higashiomi City of Shiga prefecture
Higashiomi City under the environment of getting soft and clean water, is famous for growing rice branded as “Ohmi Rice”. Ginzaemon Kita bought these rice from the farmers and started to brew sake close to 200years ago. From then the Kita family has been making sake under the brand name of “Kirakucho” until now. Meaning of “Kirakucho” is “wishing our customers to enjoy the sake and live a long life”. These sake has rich flavor of rice with crisp harmony of sweetness and sourness.

Heiwa Shuzou was established in 1928 at Kainan city located in north part of Kii peninsular.
Its Kura (“brewery house” in Japanese) is surrounded by calm mountains where the pure and clear spring-water from Koyasan (Japan’s famous world heritage site) is in abundance. In 1952 the brewery was renamed Heiwa Shuzo, Heiwa meaning “peace” as a tribute and hope for lasting peace after the end of World War Two and to celebrate the lifting of the restriction of sake brewing by the authorities then.
The current and fourth generation, Norimasa Yamamoto, ceased the practice of producing lower grade bulk sake production that Heiwa was making and named his sake KIDO to signify the new generation of producers which focused on quality and not quantity.
The brand name Kido 紀土 came about by cleverly combining the word Kishu 紀州 (name of the area) with fudo 風土(environment or topography). And the wordplay of KID also signifies that the brand is up and coming. In fact the brewery is run by its young brewers with an average age of 30 years old.

2-19-10 Tamagawadai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0096 JAPAN
Tel. : +81 (0)3 3700 1600
www.001.upp.so-net.ne.jp/jit-sake / Mail : tadashi.okushima@gmail.com
Contact : Tadashi Okushima, President.
Japan International Trading Co. Ltd is based in Tokyo, Japan. The company focuses on exporting sake and sochu to Hong Kong and South East Asia. Our portfolio consist of more than 60 brands currently.

Location: Ikeda town of Nagano prefecture
Ikeda town has a population of about 10,000 people and is situated in the northwestern part of Nagano Prefecture, which is the center of Japan. Ikeda is a small town that is 6.2 kilometers east to west, is 12.8 kilometers north to south, and has a total area of 40.16 square kilometers. The western portion of the town is a flat area, and the majority of the town’s total population is concentrated in that flat area. The eastern portion of the town is a mountainous area, and villages are scattered there. The Honmachi is on land that is blessed with such scenery that you’ll have a sweeping view of the grand mountains of the Northern Alps.

Started: Year 1898.
Location: Ikeda town of Nagano prefecture
We have brewed sake with passion and devotion since the company’s establishment in 1898, exclusively using the rich natural resources of Azumino, Nagano in the centre of Japan. Our name, Daisekkei comes from the magnificent snowy gorge (大雪渓 or Daisekkei) located in the Northern Japanese Alps.
The list of ingredients is simple: water, rice and koji (rice malt). The spring water is sourced from the Northern Japanese Alps, with highest quality sake rice being grown locally for us.

Started: Year 1758.
Location: Ikeda town of Nagano prefecture
Founded in 1758, Fukugen Brewery is an old established sake producer, ever since the Edo period, a time when samurai rode the streets and ruled the land.
The natural surrounding in Nagano, its unspoiled location, fresh spring pure water from the Northern Japan Alps and naturally grown organic Sake-rice are all elements in the carefully preserved Sake brewing formula. Not influenced by the current mass-production to brew, we are keeping our own traditional way to produce our own “FUKUGEN Sake”.

Gekkeikan is one of the world’s oldest family-owned sake companies founded in 1637 in Fushimi, a district of Japan’s former capital of Kyoto. “The crown of laurel (“Gekkeikan” in Japanese) was adopted as the corporate logo in 1905. As a traditional symbol of victory and merit, it was chosen to represent Gekkeikan’s achievement of becoming one of Japan’s leading sakes.

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